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" Rumah Ibu is more than just an office, it is a workspace that caters to the needs of individuals, companies, and society at large."
Malaysian Future House
Ar. Foo Wen Hui . Stephanie Choo . Kezhen . Anson


Written by
Stephanie Choo
By examining the typologies of shophouses from different eras, it becomes evident that certain spaces have remained favourable over time. Taking these spaces into consideration, the allocation of workspaces has been carefully planned through spatial zoning. 

The quality of the spaces within shophouses, whether changed or unchanged, remains favourable over time. These spaces are designed as a modular system that can be applied to different eras of shophouses. by defining the core of zoning and spaces, it assists in curating specific functional workspaces tailored to human activities and spatial requirements. 
Material samples from Pellicle development, c. 1993.
Material samples from Pellicle development, c. 1993.
"Rumah Ibu" which translates to "Mother house" in Malay, represents the core area of a house, situated at the highest floor level. The traditional Malay house is characterised by its division into various spaces, each tailored to fulfil specific needs. The proposed concept embodies the essence of a Malay house by meticulously studying and researching activities and spatial qualities to meet the requirements of an office. 
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