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Residential/ Renovation
UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor
Completed 2020

This milestone was our very first grown-up project, which we built almost from scratch. Our client was a highly adventurous, visionary character who taught us as much as he learned from us. It was our favourite kind of collaboration and a true marriage of minds

At the client’s request, we painted an accent wall with a metallic paint found only in Italy, as well as consulted a fengshui master to add in features like a tranquil, yet dynamic fountain. We also had the freedom to play around with the house’s form and material. We incorporated steelwork, vent blocks, off-form concrete, and other materials not typically used in home construction. Our point of pride is the double-volume void, an open space we placed at the centre of the home so its occupants can remain aware of each other even when they are on different floors. We didn’t want to build yet another big, boring house!.

Three Roof House
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Brick Face House

Constructed by PJC Construction .  Photography by Rob Waller Photography

Team:  Wen Hui, Sharon, Helen, James, Pey Jie

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