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Workspace/ Interior Design
Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
Completed 2022

Beyondto Collective Studio is a co-working studio for creative bodies, we attempt to bridge the gap between all parties in the creative industry by creating a shared learning platform for all.

“As a small office it feels lonely sometimes and lacking office culture. Being around other start-up businesses we not only have more fun, also we tend to benefit from sharing experience and information and support each other.”

- Wen Hui (co-founder)

Beyond to Collective

“Architecture and design practices can benefit from a level of industry exposure that is unique and different from other small offices. We need a platform and community beyond a physical space that allows for cross-industry interactions that small offices can benefit from.”

- Guan Yi (co-founder)

Beyondto Co. gathers communities of like-minded, fun-loving, supportive individuals.

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